Prime Source Purchasing provides us with trustworthy information about our current products and programs as well as presenting new opportunities that will offer cost savings and increase our reward monies. Salt Creek Grille has multiple locations across the country and offers a complete dining experience in an upscale, yet casual atmosphere. Prime Source considers our different regions and assists us with delivering comparable products and pricing to our restaurants on both “coasts.” Great communication and dependable administrative partner!

Steve Bidgood

Operating Partner

Salt Creek Grille


Redstone American Grill’s chef inspired menus call for the highest quality ingredients and Procurement, and an Executive Chef by trade, requires me to continually provide our customers exciting offerings while sourcing the best products for the best price.  With Prime Source Purchasing’s assistance and attention to detail, I am exposed to and able to sample numerous product alternatives. Options and analysis’ are presented but ultimately I make the decisions and select the items that best fit our needs from both a quality and cost standpoint. Participation in the PSP program is effortless, yet the rewards are generous.

Toby Butler

Director of Culinary Operations and Procurement

Redstone American Grill, Inc.


As a Vice President with Milestone Hospitality, I manage the Food and Beverage operations across multiple hospitality properties differing in brand and specification.  With Prime Source Purchasing’s assistance, I am able to obtain a global perspective of our total purchasing volume and easily communicate opportunities to my teams at the property level.  PSP assists with coordinating samples and cuttings as well as providing follow up and support information regarding availability and costing analysis.  In addition to securing programs and rebate money on our behalf, Prime Source also provides invaluable services for our food service operations.

Matt English, CHA, CFBE

Vice President – Operations


The Greene Turtle has been a community hangout established in 1976 and since partnering with PSP in 2009, we have grown from 7 units to 40!  Operating 40 locations, across 5 states creates many challenges and PSP is always there to meet each challenge.  Our stores are both corporate and franchisee’ owned, so we need to set and reach our corporate goals as well as ensure confidence in our franchisee’ owners that we continually secure the best product and pricing for their stores.  To create cohesion and continuity with our food and costs, we trust Prime Source with a multitude of services to help us reduce our bottom line.  Negotiating and maintaining extremely aggressive pricing, auditing and providing detailed reporting >and sending significant rebate monies in steady quarterly checks is only the beginning of what Prime Source handles for us.  They are at the ready to source new products, arrange manufacturer and broker events with corporate chefs to provide menu ideations as well as coordinate plant tours to educate our management teams.  I can spend more time working on what I need to accomplish, because whatever project is at hand I take comfort in knowing I have people at Prime Source to rely on.

Jeremy Larkin

Director of Business Development

The Greene Turtle Franchising Corporation