Our “Preferred Manufacturer”

Our concept creates a direct relationship between you, our “Preferred Manufacturer” and our end user operator clients. This mutual partnership encourages and rewards ongoing loyalty and support for the purchase of specific brands and products.

Services Programs


STRATEGIC PLANNING: We work closely with our manufacturers to gain a full understanding of their product mix so we can successfully customize a loyalty program that will direct their brands to the most qualified customers

CUSTOMIZED MARKETING CAMPAIGNS: Our focus to both improve quality and increase frequency of our marketing has proven to be extremely successful resulting in increased client awareness. Participating in our program provides our Preferred Manufacturers the platform needed to communicate new products of focus to our client base. We believe this program will give your brands the exposure needed to open doors for new opportunity with our clients.

PREFERRED MANUFACTURER REWARDS PROGRAM: We communicate the needs of our clients to assist our preferred manufacturers in structuring the most successful rebate programs possible. The rewards programs result in ongoing loyalty to their branded products

INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY: We provide our manufacturers with detailed quarterly invoices, which outline our client purchases, by establishment and product. This sales tool highlights exact locations buying their brands, as well as spotlights target customers that have more room for potential growth.

ADMINISTRATION: PSP’s program department evaluates the purchases of our client base ongoing, and will reach out to our Preferred Manufacturer partners for all renewals, revisions, and billing.

Some of our services include:

  • Target lists for new client opportunities
  • Qualified leads for samples and product presentations
  • PSP Vendor Days
  • PSP Marketing Program
  • Mini Food Shows

Understanding the goals and initiatives of
manufacturers and bringing you the right customer


Our Preferred Manufacturers  benefit from program participation in many ways:

  • Opportunity for increased sales
  • Brand and product awareness and recognition
  • Encourage product samples and cuttings
  • Drive volume and build brand equity
  • Targeted advertising and promotional activities
  • Build end user brand recognition
  • Gain customer loyalty
  • Enhanced product visibility
  • Provide a forum for new product launches

Participating manufacturers are billed quarterly, and receive a detailed consolidated report of the member’s purchases from the approved distributors. The rebate monies are distributed each quarter to the appropriate client. Prime Source Purchasing does not charge any upfront fees but offers a marketing program manufacturers can elect to participate in.