We represent hundreds of clients encompassing thousands of end user operators.
Our clients include operators across all segments including:
Independent restaurants, multi-unit operations and national chains, casinos, hospitality and country clubs. They have recognized the powerful advantages of dealing with a company dedicated exclusively to the understanding and management of program administration.
We represent our clients in their negotiations within the Manufacturer and Distributor communities. We recognize each client has unique requirements and tailor programs that will be most beneficial to their concept and needs.

Why PSP?

  • Our dedication and commitment to our clients has been demonstrated throughout many years of service and we are always ready to adapt to the ever-changing market needs.
  • No upfront fees or hidden costs
  • State-of-the-art reporting
  • We adhere to high ethical standards and always manage our business with integrity.
  • Our ability to bring together ideas which will help our clients with product selection and cost management.
  • Prime Source Purchasing has established standards and criteria which enable our client, manufacturer and distributor partnerships to be more rewarding… so everyone benefits from long-term continuity.
  • Market Trends and Newsletter
  • Rebate earnings have no limit… more participation yields higher earnings!

Addressing the needs of Foodservice Operators
and setting the table for future success


STRATEGIC PLANNING: We work closely with our clients to gain a full understanding of the unique needs and requirements of their operation. Evaluation of product specification of the most appropriate items and qualify for the application is imperative to assure not overspending.

PREFERRED MANUFACTURER REWARDS PROGRAM: We develop marketing and rebate programs with Preferred Manufacturers which offer rewards for ongoing loyalty to their branded products.

INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY: Our proprietary computer systems and database ensures accuracy of tracking purchases and reporting. The sophisticated technology assists in maximizing clients’ earning potential. Reporting is available national, regionally, or at a unit level.

ADMINISTRATION: In addition to negotiation, PSP responsibilities encompass all functions necessary for the administration of the programs. Our clients receive quarterly consolidated checks with a detailed earnings recap report.

COMMUNICATION AND SUPPORT: Ongoing review of purchases will ensure maximum results are achieved. The program has no earnings limit… the more participation with the Preferred Manufacturers the more earnings potential!

Some of our services include:

  • Master Distribution Agreement (MDA) Development
  • Negotiated Contract Pricing and Audits
  • Order Guide Maintenance
  • Menu Development
  • Product Sourcing and Cuttings
  • Product Category Consolidation
  • Franchising Consulting
  • Monthly Industry Trends, New Product Updates, and Recipes in our Newsletter “The Source”


  • Beef

    Fresh & frozen beef, burgers, and franks

  • Dairy

    Butter/margarine, cheese, milk products, specialty cheese, yogurt, and eggs

  • Grocery

    Bases, candy, cereal/grains, condiments, cookies & crackers, dressings, greek specialties, jams, jellies & syrups, jello & pudding, ketchup, mayonnaise, sauces & gravy, spices and tomato products.

  • Non-Foods

    Bags, can liners, chemical and janitorial

  • Pork

    Bacon, ham, sausage, fresh & frozen pork

  • Poultry

    Fresh & frozen, specialty, turkey burgers and frozen turkey

  • Beverage

    Bar mixes, coffee, P.C. & bulk juices, soda, tea and water

  • Fish/Seafood

    Canned, fresh & frozen, seafood and shrimp

  • Meat All Other

    Deli meats, fresh & frozen, and philly cheesesteaks

  • Pasta

    Dry, fresh & frozen, and specialty pasta

  • Portion Control

    Artificial sweetner, cookies, crackers, dairy, dressing, jams, jelly & syrup, ketchup, mayonnaise, snacks and sugar

  • Prepared Frozen Foods

    Appetizers, bread & rolls, cakes & pies, cookies, croissants, entres ice cream, meatballs, muffins, pierogies, pizza & pizza crust, pretzels & snacks, side dishes and veggie burgers